The Wok Stirrer

The Wok Stirrer - a stir fry cooking tool for use in a wok - handmade from recycled wood by Bob Gilmour, Port Douglas, Australia.
The Wok Stirrer is a handmade kitchen spatula utensil crafted by Bob Gilmour, Australia. This cooking implement is a perfect custom designed tool for use in any style wok.
This is a replicated item created according to the design shown in the product listing.
This item generally ships from stock within 3 to 4 days although might also be "made to order", in which case maximum time to ship is usually under 7 days depending on the nature of the order.

Many store-bought utensils just don't suit wok cooking ... or at least not for westerners cooking with a wok ... many are too square, too short or too flimsy. This Wok Stirrer design came to be quite some years ago in response to a growing frustration with commercial cooking utensils that simply didn't do a good job ... the design has remained unchanged since about 2001.

"I cook in a large old cast-iron wok a lot. It is quite heavy and can be made very hot. I wanted a wok utensil that was quite slim but evenly curved so as it could be easily 'pulled' around the sides of the wok … in a nice fluid motion, often holding the implement by the neck." - Bob Gilmour: designer.

This is a great implement for moving food around in the wok. It's the longest handled utensil in the Gilmour Design kitchen range, so you can keep your hand a fair way from the heat. It's also very strong because of it's thickness in the handle and neck ... to compensate for it's extra length.

This Wok Stirrer can be used in both a forward and back-hand motion. It can be held by the handle end or grasped around the neck for use with a scooping or paddling motion. The curved edge conforms well to woks and other rounded vessels.

The Wok Stirrer also makes a great mixing spatula ... for cake and bread mixes ... because it works really well in any round bottomed vessel. It is a more specialised utensil than most others in the range ... it does a narrow range of jobs, but it does them really well.

This utensil is sanded to a very smooth finish and is fully sealed with a penetrating food-neutral resin product. You do not need to oil this item as the sealing procedure creates an effective moisture barrier which will greatly slow down the oxidation process during the early years of its life. The utensil will last you a very long time and will age beautifully.