Spurtle - Modern Scottish porridge stirring utensil

Spurtle - modern Scottish porridge stirring utensil handmade in Queensland Maple wood by Bob Gilmour.
This 30 cm handmade Spurtle is light to medium weight. The design is a modern take on the traditional Scottish porridge stirring utensil which blends the comfort and ergonomic characters of the Gilmour Design kitchen and cooking utensils range.
This is a replicated item created according to the design shown in the product listing.
This item generally ships from stock within 3 to 4 days although might also be "made to order", in which case maximum time to ship is usually under 7 days depending on the nature of the order.

This is a light to medium weight handmade Spurtle  - 30 cm / 12 " in length - and made from Queensland Maple. It is a great option for people who prefer lighter weight utensils.

My Spurtle designs are a modern take on the traditional Scottish porridge stirring utensil which blends the comfort and ergonomic characters of the Gilmour Design kitchen and cooking utensils range. This Spurtle is a free-form design … it is not turned on a lathe.

Because Queensland Maple is a medium weight tropical hardwood timber with a very high strength to weight ratio, this spurtle is very well suited to people who prefer cooking with lighter weight utensils in the kitchen. It's also a great option for people who might have some physical impairment in their forearms or hands which render the process of cooking less than enjoyable when using heavier less ergonomic utensils.

Queensland Maples grow in the tropical and sub-tropical forests of eastern Australia. They are generally regarded as rainforest trees but also infringe into dense wooded forests along the foothills of the coastal ranges. The wood for this item is sourced from recycled / re-claimed furniture timber.

Spurtles are traditionally used as stirring utensils for porridge, stews, broths and soups. They are believed to have first originated in the 15th century in Scotland and continue to be a prominent cooking utensil in most Scottish kitchens. My design is a modernised interpretation of traditional Scottish Spurtles which do not conform to any particular design.

The Spurtle, in different parts of Scotland, is also known as a spurtel, spurtil, spirtle, spartle and a theevil.


Care for this utensil is very simple. Don't be scared to use it and wash it in the sink using normal practices ... hot water and dishwashing detergent are fine. Preferably keep it out of the dishwasher, although experience has proven that it won't kill it if the utensil ends up in there occasionally ... though the intense detergent will prematurely harm the surface and finish. Oiling is not really necessary ... but you can oil it if you want.

This utensil is sanded to a very smooth finish and is fully sealed with a penetrating food-neutral resin product. You do not need to oil this item as the sealing process creates an effective moisture barrier which will greatly slow down the oxidation process during the early years of its life. The utensil will last you a very long time and will age beautifully.


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