Gilmour Design has been shipping work all around the world since 2001 ... both as a result of online sales and for face-to-face customers. Shipped items range from single cooking utensils to large centerpiece bowl forms and sculpture.

Australia Post is the preferred shipping carrier and has been found to be extremely reliable and secure. Item tracking is generally available for all purchases. The standard services available are ...

Domestic Shipping (within Australia).

Standard Parcel Post - road shipping with tracking included in cost - generally 5 to 7 days to most locations.

Express Parcel Post - shipping to most domestic locations by the fastest transit route (generally by air for most legs) with tracking included - average of 3 days to most locations in eastern Australia and 4 days to the west.

International Shipping.

Economy Airmail - carriage by air at the lowest price but does not include tracking - transit time varies but usually around 10 days to countries such as USA, UK.

Standard Airmail - carriage by air including tracking - transit times average around 6 to 7 days to common countries.

Express Post International - carriage by air in the best possible time including tracking with a minimum charge division equating to 2kg - transit times to common countries are usually about 3 to 5 days.

Purchased items are shipped out in as timely as possible manner, though it depends on whether items are made to order or procured from stock on hand. If the latter, generally orders are posted within 3 days. For made to order items, the required time to ship is usually 5 to 7 days. Any delays in shipping will be communicated.

Purchased items are securely and strongly packed in purpose-made packaging. All items generally ship boxed ... with boxes custom-made from recycled heavyweight cardboard. Products are brown paper wrapped and bubbled before boxing. Boxes are carefully made to "fit" the enclosed items so no movement of the product can occur during shipping and reinforced and padded according to the size of the item.

International buyers should be aware that import customs duties and taxes are their responsibility. Gilmour Design does not ship any prohibited items to any country and Customs Declarations reflect the true nature of the item and value. A separate "Customs Invoice" will generally be affixed to international destined packages where required by foreign country import law.

Having shipped handmade objects and artworks around the world, Gilmour Design has never been notified of any item for damage or loss. Buyers can have faith that every effort is made to ensure the safety of their purchased item and that it will arrive at their destination in a timely manner as expected. It should be noted, however, that once items have been shipped and are in the care of the post carrier, Gilmour Design is not responsible for delays in transit or loss / damage. However, in the rare event that there's a problem with shipping, every effort will be made to assist with tracking the delivery and inquiries.