Shallow Stirring Spoon

A shallow stirring spoon in merbau wood by bob gilmour, gilmour design, australia
This is a shallow stirring spoon made from eco-friendly recycled timber. It has a medium length, ergonomically comfortable handle and a shallow spoon bowl shape perfect for all stir fry and mixing or stirring roles.
This is a replicated item created according to the design shown in the product listing.
This item is "made to order" and will generally ship within 7 days.

This is a shallow stirring spoon based on my Traditional Spatula design. It has a medium length ergonomically comfortable handle and is perfect for people who are accustomed to stirring food in pans and pots with more conventional spoons. The stirring blade has a shallow concave shape which makes this utensil a great intermediate between a spatula and a serving spoon. As such, in addition to being a great stirrer in pans and pots, this stir spoon functions admirably as a server of more intact foods.

This utensil is suitable for all stir fry and mixing or stirring roles. It's also great for casseroles, making sauces, Bolognese, gravies, fried rice, curries … pretty much anything a standard stirrer will achieve … while also functional as a server. This is a wonderful option for people who love to take the pot the food was prepared in to the table complete with the implement which did the job.

The Spoon is 30 cm (11 3/4 inches) long and 7 cm (2 3/4 inches) wide with a handle thickness of about 2.4 cm (1 inch). The working bowl of the spoon is about 12 cm (4 3/4 inches) long. The utensil has a gentle curve along the length of the spoon bowl and the handle kicks upward comfortably from the bowl. The handle is offset about 15 degrees or so in the direction appropriate to the handing of the utensil to allow for effective rolling from the wrist. Whilst this implement resides firmly in the category of spoon, the shape of the bowl tip allows it to perform some of the separating and stirring functions characteristic of a spatula or dedicated stirrer.

This Stir Spoon is handmade from recycled Merbau / Kwila. The wood was purchased from material removed during an apartment renovation. In this former life, the wood constituted a 6m (20 ft) long internal staircase built sometimes around the 1980's.

Care for this utensil is very simple. Don't be scared to use it and wash it in the sink using normal practices ... hot water and dishwashing detergent are fine. Preferably keep it out of the dishwasher, although experience has proven that it won't kill it if the utensil ends up in there occasionally ... though the intense detergent will prematurely harm the surface and finish. Oiling is not really necessary ... but you can oil it if you want.

This utensil is sanded to a very smooth finish and is fully sealed with a penetrating food-neutral resin product. You do not need to oil this item as the sealing process creates an effective moisture barrier which will greatly slow down the oxidation process during the early years of its life. The utensil will last you a very long time and will age beautifully.