Returns and Refunds

We all experience a bit of "buyers remorse" sometimes or receive an item which isn't what we thought it was going to be. Sometimes also, mix-ups in shipping labels occur and an item intended for someone else might turn up. Whilst inconvenient, such incidents can always be navigated using communication.

If a buyer receives an item that he or she is not happy with on the basis of quality or function, the person should make contact with Gilmour Design immediately to initiate communication. The situation can generally be rectified with a return/refund or a return and product exchange. In these cases, the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer although Gilmour Design will usually cover the shipping cost to send another item.

If the buyer receives the wrong item, Gilmour Design covers all refund/shipping/exchange costs. In that event, please contact Gilmour Design straight away.

Refunds (if appropriate) for custom made items are based on several criteria. During the planning and creation stages, the buyer will receive images of the item for approval before shipping. If the item ships and the buyer is unhappy, a communication process with Gilmour Design should be initiated by email. A refund less shipping cost or partial refund less shipping and agreed-upon development fee may be made at the discretion of Gilmour Design if the item is deemed to be "re-sellable" at any selling venue. No refunds will generally be available for personalised items which have been laser engraved or otherwise bear features deemed to render them un-sellable in general. As usual, in this sort of case, please communicate with Gilmour Design.

In all cases, requests for refund / return / exchange need to be made within 14 days of receiving an item. Additionally, items to be returned need to be in Unused and Re-sellable condition. All refunds ... either full or partial ... are handled at the discretion of Gilmour Design.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and every effort is made to arrive at a satisfactory outcome for the purchaser. Communication with Gilmour Design should be a top priority in any event that the buyer is dissatisfied with any aspect of the purchasing experience.