"Pickled Jane" - Small Pan Spatula

Three "Pickled Jane" Small Pan Stirrer spatulas handmade in wood by Bob Gilmour, Australia.
Pickled Jane is a handmade kitchen spatula utensil designed for stirring and mixing food in small pans or bowls. It also works well as a tasting spoon or spreader. This item is handmade by Bob Gilmour from Australia.
This is a replicated item created according to the design shown in the product listing.
This item generally ships from stock within 3 to 4 days although might also be "made to order", in which case maximum time to ship is usually under 7 days depending on the nature of the order.

This is a small pan or pot stirrer utensil which is great for making sauces or sauteing mushrooms or garlic in butter. The design is based on the larger Wok Stirrer although with a little more curve in the back of the blade. Visitors to my Market stall in Port Douglas, Australia, will know this utensil as "Pickled Jane".

It's also a great small size to use as a tasting spoon and works well as a whisk in small bowls. At a pinch, this implement could also be used as a server for jams or even as a honey dripper.

This utensil is sanded to a very smooth finish and is fully sealed with a penetrating food-neutral resin product. You do not need to oil this item as the sealing procedure creates an effective moisture barrier which will greatly slow down the oxidation process during the early years of its life. The utensil will last you a very long time and will age beautifully.