Pendant "Infinite"

Infinite is a handmade pendant in wood from Gilmour Design.
"Infinite" is a minimal design wood pendant which suggests perpetual flow in an infinite dimension and inspired by the infinity symbol in mathematics. I have come to associate this design with abundance and expansiveness … so, I named it "Infinite".
This is a unique one-of handmade item. There is only ONE available.
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"Infinite" is a minimal design organically-inspired form which suggests perpetual flow in an infinite dimension. It was subliminally inspired by the twists in Celtic knot designs and also by the simplified symbol used to represent infinity in mathematics.

I first made this design in 2005 for myself and have worn that first pendant ever since. Over the years, I have come to associate it with abundance and expansiveness … so, I named it "Infinite".

For me, "Infinite" is a sacred item ... although it will be a fashion accessory or unique wearable piece of art for most people. For some people it could serve as a spiritual or sacred talisman or might be considered a piece of tribal jewellery.

This edition of "Infinite" is made from salvaged Bush Calophyllum, a non-commercial hardwood timber from the ranges and higher altitude forests of Far North Queensland, Australia. The actual tree this wood came from was felled during land clearing on the Atherton Tableland to make way for the passage of a new power line.

The pendant is finely sanded and buffed and then finished with multiple coats of an organic-based drying finish oil. To complete the finish process, the dried oil coats are rag-burnished to a satin sheen. The finish is both protective and aesthetic.

The pendant is hung on a handmade 4 cord plait necklace with matching wood toggle and loop closure fastening. The necklace is plaited from polyester saddle twine fibre and is resistant to water, chemicals … and life in general. The length of the necklace loop is approx. 54 cm / 21 inches.

The pendent dimensions are 6.5 × 3.5 cm / 2.75 × 1.375 in.