Muddler 2038

Muddler 2038
Muddler 2038 is a 20 cm / 8 inch small wood muddle stick. It's perfect for use in small to medium glasses and also functions beautifully as a kitchen pestle either in a bowl or on a board.
This is a "made to order" item created according to the design shown in the product listing. Wood type, grain and colour may vary from that shown in listing images.
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Muddler 2038 is a short wood muddle stick measuring 20 cm / 8 inches in length by 3.8cm / 1 1/2 inch in diameter at the working end. It's designed to function best in short to medium glasses and, as such, is perfect for use in tumbler style glasses. This is a quite full-bodied muddling stick for its length, so Muddler 2038 can easily do the job of larger muddlers … albeit, limited by its length.

This muddle has a large handle bulb which fits most hands comfortably and carries its body thickness to almost half its length so the weight is considerable for a small bartool. The neck region gently narrows allowing very comfortable holding of the tool in the center, using the thickness of the lower body of the grip if used outside of a glass.

Besides being perfect for muddling ingredients for most small-glass mixes, Muddler 2038 is also great in the kitchen. Grind up spices straight on your cutting board or in a bowl or traditional mortar. A muddler is a wonderfully stylish tool for making nice smooth garlic paste or breaking down basil or coriander. There are plenty of uses for it to be discovered.

Care for this muddler is very simple. Don't be scared to use it and wash it in the sink using normal practices ... hot water and dishwashing detergent are fine. Preferably keep it out of the dishwasher, although experience has proven that it won't kill it if the muddler ends up in there occasionally ... though the intense detergent will prematurely harm the surface and finish.

This muddler is sanded to a very smooth finish and is fully sealed with a penetrating food-neutral resin product. You do not need to oil this item as the sealing process creates an effective moisture barrier which will greatly slow down the oxidation process during the early years of its life. The muddler will last you a very long time and will age beautifully.