Leather Journal - A5 Minimal

This is a handmade single piece leather A5 journal cover made in Australia by Bob Gilmour - Gilmour Design.
This is an A5 size single piece journal cover made to order from high quality Australian leather by Bob Gilmour of Gilmour Design, Australia. The journal comes complete with a 192 page hard-cover A5 book.
This leather item is "made to order" and is created according to the design shown in the product listing. Appearance of the leather including colour, grain structure, markings and features may vary from listing images.
This leather item is "made to order" and will generally ship in approx. 7 days.

This is a handmade A5 journal cover made-to-order from high-quality Australian leather tanned in Australia from Australian cattle hide. My name is Bob Gilmour. I am the designer and maker of this journal.

The construction of this journal cover is absolutely minimal, consisting of a single piece of leather wrapping around to form the outer covers. There are internal front and back pockets to hold the covers of the high quality hard-cover book insert. For this simplest of journal offerings there is no loop closure or internal document pocket.

This journal is made from medium weight (5 to 6 ounce) leathers in the range of 2 to 2.5 mm thickness. This gives the finished journal a solid feel and robust quality … rendering the feeling it can withstand the rigours of everyday life and keep its sacred content safe.
My leather journals are assembled using a combination of traditional saddle stitch (2 needle hand stitch) and machine sewing (on my Cowboy CB 4500 Harness Stitcher). All sewn leather connections are carefully glued prior to stitching. In the case of slightly thicker less-flexible leather varieties some edges and sewn connections are also skived down to reduce the overall bulk of the edge or just so as to maintain an elegant minimal look.

I source leather hides as full sides, single and double shoulders and butts direct from several Australian tanneries. Leather is a natural product of endless variation … just like wood … so, I like to take advantage of features apparent in each hide and also tend to purchase leathers as they become available rather than try to keep a set range of leather stock on hand. My leather offerings are subject to change as per supply and availability of various leathers … or when I come across a tannery offering I just plain love the look of.

The notebook supplied and pre-installed in this leather journal is a high-quality standard size A5 hard-cover book. It has 192 pages (96 sheets) of 80 gsm ruled paper. The books I use were selected from a large range available based on quality of construction, clean appearance of paper and line rulings and general pleasing look and feel.

I make all stages of this journal from the initial cutting of the hide to the final insertion of the book. The journal cover is made from real leather … not PU leather … and not by a "production partner". This leather journal is proudly made in Australia.